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Hamoa Crescent
My first attempt at in-the-water wave photography at beautiful Hamoa Beach on the island of Maui.  Little did I know how much water I would be swallowing!  But I did manage a few gems while thoroughly entertaining Erin who was laughing on the beach.

Waimea Wave
After the Eddie
Just back from Iraq and still waiting on my new Nikon camera body, I borrowed a friend's D300 to test out my new 400mm lens on the giants of Waimea Bay.  I wasn't able to get off work during the famous Eddie Aikau surf contest, but was able to enjoy the end of this massive swell the following day. 

Maui Wave
Kihei Color
Waiting for a late afternoon flight home to Oahu we decided to relax on the beach before leaving Maui.  The waves were no more than a foot tall resulting in back-breaking work, but the colors in sand were worth every scratch and scrape.

Waimea Wave
Waimea Foam
Excitement grew in early 2014 for the return of the Eddie Aikau surf contest, held only if the waves in Waimea Bay are exceptionally BIG!  Unfortunately this day in January didn't meet the strict Eddie requirements, but made for a foamy, churning mess in the bay that was beautiful nonetheless.
Old Faithful
Old Faithful
A classic, photographed by so many, but still one of my favorites.  I visited Yellowstone in 2009 just before leaving for Iraq where I edited this image (and for that matter taught myself how to edit RAW images in my down time)

Waimea Wave
Perfect Curl
Waimea Bay never lets me down!  Also shot the day after the 2009 Eddie Aikau, I love the perfect early-morning light on this small wave, with the BIG wave whitewash in the shadows.

Splash Pools
While exploring remote tide pools on Maui we discovered a sheltered spot with HUGE waves crashing in the background.  Of course we couldn't resist a spontaneous model shoot! 

Water Bomb
A new find on Oahu's south shore, this spot really BOOMS when the waves are just right (incredibly this is a popular fishing spot on a calm day!)
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