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Maasai Girl
Maasai Girl 
Shot in Kenya during a visit to a Maasai village in the Serengeti area.  I love her piercing gaze.

Semana Santa Child
Leading the Way
Semana Santa is the Holy Week culminating in Easter Sunday.  It is a huge celebration in Guatemala with numerous parades called processions.  The Children's Procession is always a crowd favorite, and a really enjoyed the angelic look on this boy's face.

Maasai School Girl
Time to Learn
Shot during our brief visit to the Maasai village school--absolutely beautiful children learning in tough conditions.

Guatemalan Boy
Semana Santa
The Children's Procession is simply amazing, and it was so hard to choose "favorites" when I got home and saw all the images I had captured.  But this boy caught my eye as he walked down the street holding his father's hand.

Ladder Carrier
Ladder Duty
In the small town of Santiago Atitlan in Guatemala many consider Maximon a saint (others consider him the devil).  I'd encourage you to read the fascinating history here.  During Semana Santa (Holy Week) Maximon is paraded about, and this young man had to carry the ladder to hang him at the end of the festivities.   

Nepalese Boys
Annapurna Besties
After a long day trekking in the Annapurna region, these two Nepalese boys were walking the trail and caught my attention.  The pair silently grinned for several pictures, smiled, then continued their walk with arms on each other's shoulder.
Guatemalan Flute Player
Flute Section
During another Semana Santa Procession this old Mayan man was adding his own music to the marching band passing by.

Mayan Woman
Mayan Wrinkles
I can only imagine the life this woman has lived--shot in Antigua, Guatemala.

Erin at Lava Tube
Lava Light
We were exploring a Hawaiian lava tube on an overcast day when suddenly the sun burst through a small hole in the clouds.  Erin had no idea I was taking this shot as she turned her face up towards the sun spotlight.  
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