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Sierra sunset
Sierra Sunset
One of my favorite spots in the Eastern Sierra, taken just outside my tent while enjoying a cold beer.  Sometimes it is just that easy (well, it was a several hour hike to this incredible spot so I guess I can take some credit)

Himalayan Giant
I can't get enough of Nepal or simply staring at the Himalayan peaks.  Shot from a rooftop lounge in a small mountain village where we enjoyed local beer and watched the storm winds blast snow off this peak.

Mobius arch
Mobius Sunset
Just outside of Lone Pine, the Alabama Hills offer both obvious and hidden arches to discover.  Mobius Arch is no doubt the most photographed, no surprise given the surroundings and sunset colors.  I can't believe I had the whole arch to myself this sunset.

Thorung La
Up to Thorong La
Shot on a bitter cold morning en route to the Thorong La, the 17,769 pass is the highest point on the Annapurna Circuit trek.  The air was thin which gave me the perfect reason to stop for a brief rest and capture this image at sunrise.

Sinopah at Sunrise
Just outside of the Two Medicine Campground in Glacier National Park this image was captured during an eerily calm sunrise in the summer of 2015.  It was one of the few calm, clear days due to all the fire activity that summer, which changed our plans almost daily as we did our best to find open roads and trails.

Mount Williamson
Mount Williamson from Manzanar
Mount Williamson is California's second-highest peak, just 126' short of beating out it's southern neighbor Mount Whitney.  Shot from Manzanar National Historic Site, a former Japanese internment camp that housed over 10,000 Americans of Japanese Ancestry during WWII.  I visit the Manzanar exhibits every time I am in  area, and encourage all to do the same.

Nepal Rice Field
Emerald Terrace
Trekking towards Nepal's Annapurna Base Camp we passed several hillside villages filled with terraced fields of rice and millet almost ready for harvest.  In fact, just a few days later on the way back down towards these same fields were brown and bare.

Sunrise on Leigh Lake
Just before heading to Iraq I decided to take my first visit to Grand Teton National Park.  I spent most nights outdoors, and found myself here one morning along the shore of Leigh Lake.  It really doesn't get much easier than this--I set up my tripod while still comfortably sitting in the tent (inside my sleeping bag!) and captured the mist rising above the lake which was perfectly still that crisp and clear morning.
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