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Mokulua Super Moonlight
The biggest super moon in decades couldn't be passed up.  Fortunately the VOG from the day prior had cleared for this night, with the moon so bright it could be mistaken for sunrise in this picture.  I love how the long exposure smoothes the water and the moonlight reflection paves the way to the Moks.

Serengeti Survey
We came across this young male lion soon after arrival in the Serengeti.  Despite our interest in him, he was completely UN-interested in us!  Instead he was on a small mound surveying the area for lunch.

Lanikai Fire
Lanikai Fire
I'd been planning this shot for some time, wanting to get the rising sun perfectly between the Mokulua Islands.  The clouds this crisp morning made for a beautiful fiery sunburst effect.

Harvest Moon
Lanikai Harvest Moon
I already had a picture here at sunrise framed by the Mokulua Islands, so I set out to  capture a moonrise version as well.  This particular full moon was the closest to the autumnal equinox, making it the "harvest moon."

Lumaha'i Whitewater Retreat
This image took persistance and a bit of courage--I was practicing my long-exposure photography and the challenge was staying put and trusting my gear would not get swept away!  Fortunately this wave stopped just short of my tripod, with lovely streaking as it retreated back to the sea.

Halma'uma'u Crater
Halema'uma'u Glow
Hawaii Volcanos National Park is a special place, made even more spectacular since the Halema'uma'u Crater became active in 2008.  During the day the sight can be smokey and gray, but at night the real show starts!  This was shot along the rim of the Kilauea caldera in high wind which brought pelting rain into my face!  I struggled to keep the camera dry for a clear shot, then hurried back to the KMC to get warm and dry.

Just Breathe
This honu, with his distinctive barnacled-shell, was our surprise snorkeling partner last Veteran's Day.  My next goal is to capture one breathing as a split both above and below the surface.

Flying By
I never get tired of swimming with sea turtles ("honu" here in Hawaii).  I found this one exiting a tiny cove that he probably thought would be a peaceful resting spot, but the constant back-and-forth surge that day kept pushing him into the wall.  He decided to head for calmer waters and I was lucky to be there as he "flew" by.

Spitting Cave
Spitting Sunset
I never tire of the Spitting Cave area-the perfect spot for a sunset picnic after a long day of exploring Oahu.  Here the "Club" ladies enjoy Erin's wonderful pupus while the sun sets over Diamondhead while the Spitting Cave expels a blast of water and steam.

Darby Falls
Tropical Storm Darby recently dumped a LOT of rain on us, so of course I couldn't help but go waterfall hunting.  Fortunately it was a quiet Sunday so the H3 wasn't too crowded, allowing me some time to capture the rain falling off the Ko'olau Range.

Death Valley
Back of the Beacon
Most know this peak (Manly Beacon) from Zabriskie Point in Death Valley, but it can also be added on to a hike up Golden Canyon.  These badlands are simply amazing, and on this day we were lucky with the most incredible cloud formations.  I couldn't help but take some artistic license here, and I can't wait to see this printed on metal.

Manly Beacon
The Beacon Beckons
This view from Zabriskie Point of Manly Beacon is a classic, photographed by thousands each year.  I got lucky my first sunrise visit as the clouds opened up just perfectly to spotlight the peak.  Of course I couldn't help but then pack up my gear, tighten my boots, and explore further into the badlands.

Joshua Tree
Darwin's Joshua
Heading from Lone Pine to Death Valley I suddenly spotted this large, isolated joshua tree along the highway.  Slamming on the brakes I turned off to spend about an hour here exploring the many angles, shadows, and background cloud options.  I finally settled on this composition, converted to B&W to focus on the tonality and contrast of the scene.

Sand Dunes
Mesquite Magic
The Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes at sunset are mesmerizing, and yet somehow almost empty despite their convenient location.  I love ending the day here--watching the shadows on the dunes change as the sun drops and then hiking back to the car while listening to the sand squeak beneath my boots.

Chinaman's Hat
Kualoa Sunrise
Mokoliʻi (aka Chinaman's Hat) is a beautiful island just off Kualoa Point on the northern end of Kaneohe Bay.  Most don't get to enjoy this view, but my drone was able to capture this amazing sunrise looking back towards the Ko'olau.
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