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Ferris Wheel
Round and Round
After an all day meeting at a conference center outside DC I was ready to relax and have a cocktail.  En route to the restaurant I saw this ferris wheel in the distance and couldn't help but return to my room, grab my camera, and go shoot as the sun set.  That drink (and my stomach) would just have to wait.

Palau Sunset
Sunset Cloud-scape
It is hard to find a place more beautiful for sunset that the Palau Pacific Resort.  This night was extra special, with the clouds forming these vertical shapes with three separate rain storms on the horizon (who the sun peaking out between two of them!).

Boudha Eyes
The Boudhanath Stupa is my favorite to visit in Kathmandu.  Sadly the spire was severely damaged in the 2015 earthquake and is under repair.  I look forward to visiting again soon.
Grand Prismatic Spring
Psychedelic Spring
The Grand Prismatic Spring almost defies description--it is simply other-worldly.  Most don't get this view from above, made possible by a forrest fire which exposed this nearby ridgeline.  To understand the size of this spring, look closely along the top of it--that is the boardwalk with people on it.

Isla Magdalena
Penguin Pier
Located in the Magellan Straight in Patagonia lies the tiny of Isla Magdalena is reached after about 3 hours on this ship.  Cold, wet, and rough seas were not great fun, but awaiting us on shore were over 60,000 breeding pairs of Magellanic penguins!  We only had about 30 minutes to explore before the long trip back, and the winds were blowing sand everywhere.  But worth every minute!

Napa Sunflower
After another long day conference day in Napa I decided to head out and enjoy the late-setting sun (the tasting rooms were already closed!).  I slammed on breaks when I spotted a few wild sunflowers along the road (fortunately I was on a rural road, with nobody behind me!).  Soon after I stopped a sewage truck stopped alongside me, the driver hopped out with his camera, and joined me--a self-described "Sh*@-sucker," he was also an avid photographer and always had his camera on the job!

Antigua Fountain
Water Works
A beautiful fountain in Antigua, Guatemala.  For reasons I could not explain, it was nearly deserted on this perfect evening.

Sacred Sadhu
Of course we couldn't pass on the opportunity to get our photo taken with these two Sadhu (Hindu Holy man).  There are several around the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu.  A few years later I saw these same two Sadhus in a magazine article!

Fort Soledad
Soledad Sunset
Fort Soledad is a Spanish-era fortification on the island of Guam and guarded Umatac Bay.  Now it is a popular stop when touring the beautiful southern half of Guam, and one of my favorite spots for sunset (even better if the local carabao is there to feed).
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